Five ‘start up business’ questions put to Adrien Taylor co-founder of ‘Offcut’

I can’t express to you how excited I was to find this brand on Instagram!  A brand that has great ethical standards, a brand created in New Zealand, a brand that plants a tree every time someone buys their product and a brand with cool product that everyone needs in their life.


Having great ethical values for a fashion brand means a lot in the fashion industry today.  The second most polluting industry in the world!! (Yuck)!  I am currently in the process of producing an ethical fashion accessories range myself so it was great to hear from a brand already in action and doing great things.

Adrien Taylor co-founder of ‘Offcut’ was so awesome answering these questions for me;

1.  How did your idea come about?  For example, are you a big ‘cap’ lover and wanted to do something different with caps or where you first interested in making an ethical product but didn’t know what?  What was your process?

It all started when I visited my father’s textile warehouse here in Christchurch a couple of years ago. I saw a room full of offcut and end of line fabrics and asked him what he did with them. He told me he paid to have them thrown out to landfill so I decided to turn them into something useful. Caps came to mind because I love a great cap and the panels are small, meaning we can use the small offcuts. 


2.  Making caps from offcut fabric I think is super awesome!  How do you go about finding this offcut fabric that you use for you caps and do you have certain design aesthetics that you keep to when choosing the fabrics to give it the ‘Offcut’ look? and......
3.  You say you have limited production runs.  Do you let the availability of the fabric determine the size of the production runs or have you set your slow fashion limits as a brand?

I find the fabric by contacting a lot of brands in the fashion and textile industries. It’s hard work but the response has been great and we’ve even done collabs with brands like Swanndri. The caps are low production runs because we’re limited by the amount of fabric we get. But I like it that way; it’s quality fashion rather than fast fashion. The type of fabric and prints we use are super eclectic but they all have to pass the test of whether I think they’re cool or not. There’s not much more to it than that. If they’re cool, they make the cut!


4.  As part of your brand message you have partnered with ‘Trees For The Future’ to have a tree planted with every cap you sell.  What was your process in choosing a partner that was important to the brand and how did you decide on this one?

Business needs to be more than just about making money. If you’re not a business having a positive impact on the world, you’re not a business which deserves the hard-earned money of your customers. I knew I wanted to give back somehow and trees came to mind because, unfortunately, climate change is the biggest threat humanity has ever faced collectively and trees are the best way we can sequester carbon until we get the required societal and political shift towards proper meaningful action. 


5.      ‘Offcut’ rocks the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. How has social media helped build your brand and what tips would you give to a new business starting out regarding creating a strong brand and following?

Social media needs to be authentic. It’s not about selling your products but inviting fans to explore and contribute to the lifestyle your brand is all about. That’s the approach Offcut has taken and people resonate with that. People don’t want to be sold to; they want to be inspired, educated and feel empowered by being part of your brand’s community. 


So go and check out this brand for yourself at and feel good when you know that you are doing good when you are buying into their story.