My Five Fun Finds being Inspired by Newton, Sydney

My amazing husband bought me a ticket to the Sydney Fashion Weekend just gone.  I had a 32 hour get away from Auckland… and it was fab!

As well as catching up with a bestie and checking out some of the local fashion brands at the Fashion Weekend I spent a morning looking around the area Newtown in search for some fashion and print inspiration and vintage shops of course.

Five cool and inspiring things about my visit to the area Newtown in Sydney.

1.        I was really impressed by three stores that I found on my walk up and down King Street.  The first store I came across was Leo Monk a handbag and shoe designer and maker.  He made all of his products in the workroom at the back of his cool store.  The product had that great crafted look about it and it was really impressive to see a craftsman at work.

The second shop I found & fell in love with is called The Social Outfit.  The Social Outfit is a registered charity who employ & educate refugees and people from new migrant communities.  The store in Newtown, alike Leo Monk, holds the workroom out the back where these amazing people use their new talents to produce the great product seen in store.  The product is awesome, the retail manager explained to me that they get fabric donations from local fashion companies.  They also use emerging talented designers to create textile prints to add a unique dimension to their ranges.  This place is a MUST VISIT!!

The third store I found is called You, the Earth & Me and is an Eco Home, Body and Soul store.  They have tried, tested and are now selling products from companies that love the world and environment as much as they do.  It’s a great store and also holds the brand Vege Threads which is a successful Australian born and made brand that produces ethical and sustainable fashion – gotta love it!

2.       The second cool thing about Newtown in my opinion was the offer of vintage stores.  Each vintage store I went into had such a great hand-picked selection of production it was hard to leave.  I particularly enjoyed shopping in ‘Uturn Recycled Fashion – Vintage’ as the product and print available was fab… and also ‘Cream on King’ as they had these cleverly made backpacks made by recycling good quality used shirts amoung a treasure trove!!  Envision 54 had some great antiques and homewares and Recycology too had some great well looked after vintage!!


3.        The third inspiring experience was the architecture and the cool colours of the heritage buildings down Kings Street.  Some of these buildings dated back to the 1800’s and give the area so much cool character.  At this stage I grabbed a soya latte and sat down in a cute café to admire the scenery.


4.       I am a fan of street art and Newtown is known for its creative graffiti and street art.  Take a side road off Kings Street and you will be sure to find something eye-catching!!


5.       Last but definitely not least is the Button Shop.  I visited this store about 15 years ago when I was over for the Fashion Week working as a dresser and usher at the shows.  I managed to get time off in between to explore Sydney and found myself in Newtown wandering into this super cute and colourful shop.  An absolute delight for a button lover like myself!!!!

When you are in Sydney don’t miss the chance to check out Newtown and to experience something different that is ethical, inspiring, fun, eye-catching and delightful!!